Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy is built on the premise that the most favorable risk to reward dynamics exist at the founders stage. While there are lots of companies with viable business ideas, the gaiting factor in achieving long term success has more to do with effective planning, financing and execution, than it does with the great idea. Ideally, you seek both. At Agility, we target companies we believe have great business models and are capable of delivering exponential returns. Then we add the foundational elements to enhance the likelihood of achieving that success. Starting early, the founder's stage affords us lower capital commitments and a more meaningful percentage of ownership. Further value comes from Agility Partners' intellectual capital contributions to its portfolio companies.

A multi-year investment horizon is necessary to execute Agility's strategy of working with founders at the earliest stages of business development and through exit. Likewise, Agility's commitment to building successful businesses requires a deep collaborative partnership with outstanding entrepreneurs and patience during our path to profitability and value realization.

Positioned as a founding team member, Agility provides critical leadership and functional support at all levels to our portfolio companies.