Current Investments

Blackfish Finacial

Blackfish Financial is a next generation client-direct online advisory and asset management platform that provides the underserved mass affluent investor a premium level of service and professional money management at lower prices.

Brushfire Media

Brushfire delivers an innovative advertising tool that turns social media users into brand advocates by partnering advertisers with nonprofit organizations and enlisting their members to virally promote for their respective cause.


One88 is a highly evolved proprietary search engine that delivers risk, analytic and in-depth intelligence making patent research easier, cheaper, faster and more predictable.

The Implantology Group

TIG aims to become a market leader in the dental implant industry, through the execution of a 360-degree business model that integrates proprietary and innovative implant technology with exceptional client support.

Past Investments

Sunflower Markets

"Serious Food, Silly Prices" says it all. Sunflower Markets operates 30+ medium sized grocery stores in the southwestern states. Sunflower focuses on a discounted value approach to healthier foods.


The first digital health insurance agency. The company also owned and operated a healthcare IT division for supporting payers and third party administrators. Publicly traded during the period Mr. Ashker ran the company, traded at a $2B market capitalization.


Imerica was one of the first consumer driven healthcare companies in the US.

Academy Insurance Group

The original insurance company that marketed health insurance via television in the 70-80's. Traded on the NASDAQ and one of the best performing stocks during its time. Acquired by AEGON group.


First legal system for filing legal documents digitally with the court system. Eventually acquired by Lexis-Nexis in 2001 for $100M.

Health Benefits Direct

One of the first fully enabled digital insurance agencies with the capabilities to show best policies from most of the major carriers. HBD had direct access to each of the insurance companies pricing systems allowing for real time proposals.