About Us

Agility Partners is an investment fund and operating partnership that invests at the founders' stage in promising new companies. Agility serves as both investor and hands-on development partner. Our methodology is based on a proven and systematic approach to value creation. We provide the human, financial and intellectual capital necessary to prepare promising business models for an eventual full-scale launch and business plan execution. By taking on a leadership role at the early stages of a new business' development cycle, Agility immerses itself into the day-to-day processes of company building, working alongside the founding team, often acting in a co-founder capacity and maintaining a close working relationship throughout the life cycle of the organization.

With a collective 50 years of entrepreneurial leadership and hands on corporate executive experience, Agility principals have served as founders, chief executive officers, financiers, finance executives as well as fulfilling other relevant operating roles. Agility's principals bring hands-on experience to a new organizations' critical inception phase. Such areas include business plan development, strategy, sales & marketing, financial modeling, executive leadership, compensation, recruiting, hiring and general research. Importantly, Agility continues to lead the funding efforts through each successive phase of corporate development.

Our proven approach gives our portfolio companies a strong foundation from which to build and accelerates their path to success, thus creating greater value for investors.