A proven approach to systematic value creation

Seed, Growth, and Flourish — Agility brings enduring success

Philosophy - Our Strategy

Our investment strategy is built on the simple premise that the most favorable risk to reward dynamics exist at the founders stage. Therefore, we target companies that can deliver exponential returns over a long term. At the same time, our capital commitments levels are relatively low vs. other investment partnerships, as much of our value add comes from our intellectual capital contributions to our portfolio companies.

Success - Our Companies

Acting as both agent and principal, Agility Partners has led a wide range of successful transactions for both public and private companies across all of its practice areas. With a collective 50 years of entrepre-neurial leadership and hands on corporate executive experience, Agility's proven approach gives our portfolio stronger foundations to build from, accelerates their path to success and creates value for investors.

Prospect - For Entrepreneurs

Agility Partners actively seeks out business models that are highly and rapidly scalable. A prospective Agility Partners opportunity must meet all the components of our stringent screening process. Not only must the opportunity have a clearly definable path to profitability and an important competitive and sustainable edge, but all prospects must demonstrate an ability to scale to a $100MM valuation in a 5 year period.

Stronger Foundations. Accelerated Paths. Agility Partners.

Michael Ashker Agility Partners is an investment fund and operating partnership that invests at the founders stage in promising new com-panies. Agility serves as both investor and hands-on development partner. Our corporate development methodology is based on a proven and systematic approach to value creation. Firm Overview